We've included below some recent testimonials from current and former clients.  Every case is different and we can't guarantee a certain result, but we're here to help.  Contact us today to talk about your case.

 I have had to deal with attorneys for other issues during my life and I became very cynical because of those experiences. However, you can't go through life without having some degree of litigation happening around you and this lawsuit found me looking for and needing an expert.

You were that person, and I must confess, that turned my lack of trust into an absolute Awesome experience. You listened, you were compassionate, you were relentless in the pursuit of the truth. You presented my summary to the mediator with such passion and confidence. You had the WIN in the first twenty minutes.

You always told me what to expect and I had no surprises. How do I say thank you to someone who prepared for and gave me this win!!

God Bless you Wesley Woolf and continue to bring you people who need you as much as I did.

Client EW

Client MG

Thank you for handling this. Your competency and diligence is greatly appreciated. Not being a lawyer, at times it becomes difficult to understand the ups and downs of the system regarding time delays, strategies and for lack of  a better way of putting it, "lawyer work". It's an amazing profession and takes a special talent to do it right. One of my closest friends is one of the best lawyers I have known in my many years in the criminal justice system. You rank right with him.

Client VR

After an unforeseen experience with prior employment, I contacted Woolf Law Firm and was immediately connected with one of their attorneys, Amy Smith, who diligently worked on my case and got timely results.  Ms. Smith is upfront and honest, and worked hard on my behalf.  She is professional and won't give up until she gets the results you want.  Everyone at Woolf Law Firm is friendly and I highly recommend their services.

Client SG

I asked a friend of mine, who is a top-dog on the Savannah law scene, for a couple of recommendations - Wesley Woolf was number one on his list. Wesley and his associates, Amy Smith and Michelle Gordon, are exemplary professionals who offer sound guidance in a confident, yet friendly and encouraging manner. Poised and knowledgeable - just the kind of legal team you'd want on your side.

Being wrongfully terminated from my job with the federal government was devastating.  I was at a loss, but determined not to let this inappropriate and unprofessional attack on my character be the end of my career.  Since it was the federal government I was up against, I knew I needed help. After being told by several local attorneys there was nothing I could do and I just needed to “put it behind me and move on”, I found WOOLF LAW FIRM through a google search on the internet.   From the first phone conversation with Michelle to the resolution of the case, the professionalism and kindness received from the Firm was outstanding.  Michelle provided me with clear and detailed information regarding the process and an appointment to discuss my concerns with the attorney, Amy Smith.  Ms. Smith was awesome! She was respectful, patient and honest as she quickly resolved my case. Happily, the resolution was favorable and more than exceeded my expectations!! All done at a reasonable cost! WOOLF LAW FIRM works “outside the box” by providing thorough and efficient services in a caring professional manner.  

Client JH